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  • Why your conscious efforts to shift your mindset isn't working and how to change that so that you no longer have to repeat affirmations like a parrot morning and night.
  • How to set up your self-hypnosis practice to achieve your goals and become a major league champion in the sport of life.
  • Theory of the mind and how to use it to go from "nothing works, my life sucks" to "holy crap, I'm making things happen!".
  • Step by step process to enter a hypnotic state on your own and condition your brain to navigate life with powerful passion and confidence, hit every single life goal and claim your golden status as a Master Brain Hacktivist.

This guide is prepared by: 

  • Master Hypnotist Mahesha Gunner - a hypnotist by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. 
  • Certified by both the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. 
  • Weightloss specialist, smoking cessation specialist, medical hypnosis, past life regression, quantum focusing and pain management. 
  • Over 7 years of practice helping clients overcome limiting self beliefs to achieve their highest potential. 

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