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Diary Entry #003 : Facing Fears: Story of how a scared turtle won

FEAR: In life, and in business, fear can derail success and happiness like no other.

But can we really not do anything against it?

Can fear keep us paralyzed forever or can we do something about it?

facing fears



One of my biggest fears (among many others) is deep waters. My childhood swimming coach scared me for life by throwing me in the deep end every single Saturday morning for a whole 12 months. Screaming on top my lungs for my life and feeling like I’m gonna drown and die, on a weekly basis didn’t do much for my 6 year old soul at the time. And just like that, I was scared of water for life.


But recently, I got the triathlon bug. So I got in the pool. Just a 4 feet pool, so I can stand on my feet. I went on youtube and learned freestyle.


And couple months  ago, I did my first triathlon. It was my first time in an Olympic pool since childhood. But this time around, instead of being scared, I swam.


Honest truth – it was an embarrassing swim. I was the last to get out of the pool. I struggled. And I struggled a lot. It was scary and nerve wrecking. I must have looked so great from the outside that a lifeguard came up to me to see if I was ok. But guess what I told her? Yep, I told her I’m gonna finish. And I reminded myself I have never quit in my life and unless I die I’m not gonna quit this time either.


I was the last out of the pool. But I’m glad I finished. Cos guess what happened after that?


I was not the last!


Turns out, even though I was last out the pool, l did quite good on dry land.


And I hit the podium! My expression when I heard my name being announced? “what?! What?! No!” haha it was quite funny. But man, what a glorious moment. Turns out, the turtle can win in real life too!


Moral of the story:

Don’t let your fears hold you back. Identify it. Acknowledge it and beat it! Cos who knows which podium it can take you!



Tell me in the comments: what fears are you struggling with?




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