Be more productive - The secret to turning procrastination in to productivity

Be more productive - The secret to turning procrastination in to productivity

So you want to be more productive. But sometimes you feel like curling up on the couch instead of meeting that deadline?

Yeah, I know what that feels like.

It makes you feel frustrated, annoyed at yourself doesn’t it?

The guilt trip is no fun whatsoever. “Why am I being so lazy”, “How will I ever make anything happen like this”, “Why can’t I find the motivation to just get this done”, blah blah blah!



The inner mean critic just doesn’t stop.

Instead of enjoyed time off to relax, you end up feeling like crap.

If procrastination is a frequent visitor in your life, I want you to know, it’s NOT your fault!

Yes, I’m serious!

This is happening because of homeostasis Long story short,your subconscious is confused, and thinks that the task at hand is a danger to your survival.

Think about it… what would happen if you meet that deadline, if you hustle non stop? Will you lose your life balance? Maybe you’ll get a promotion, or make more money than you usually expect? Anything that is not familiar is dangerous to the subconscious. So instead of getting things done, we got in to flight mode. In other words, chill and do nothing when there’s a million things going on.

If you ever find yourself going through procrastination attacks, you gotta check out today’s video.
In it, I share with you the one  mind-hack secret to turning procrastination in to productivity.




After you’ve seen it, share with me in comments – What are your top tips for turning procrastination in to productivity?

I would love to hear your thoughts.


You know, if there’s anyone or anything that’s stopping you from achieving your biggest dreams, from living your highest potential, it’s you, yourself. But you also have the power to overcome the resistance, the constant self-doubt and make anything happen! Tap in to that!







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