The Controversy Of Hypnosis

The Controversy Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis… the moment I say the word hypnosis my audience usually divides in to two groups. Those who believe and those who think that it’s nothing but a bunch of hooey.

Thanks to stage hypnosis the group that doesn’t believe in the therapeutic effect  of hypnosis is much larger than those who believe. To them, hypnosis is about making people bark like dogs, walk like chickens. In medical settings, patients are revealing their deepest, darkest and most hidden secrets.

When I first became certified as a hypnotist, I didn’t want to tell people about it because that usually brings the image of someone dangling a watch or a pendulum back and forth and sending them to another planet.

Some may even argue that mind work is all hocus-pocus, mumbo-jumbo and it doesn’t work.




Today, I hold my grounds firm and am going to say that hypnosis, mind training techniques and meditation methods do work. Moreover, they can change your life and have a profound, positive life long effects on a person.

Here’s an example from my own life;

Overcoming OCD

When I was 9 years old, I had the most horrifying nightmare a child could have. I saw that I was walking on the street with my mom. It was a very busy street with large vehicles and trucks moving fast. So my mom moved me to the side of the street to make sure I was safe. As we kept walking a huge bulldozer came and ran my mom over. I woke up all sweaty and crying and ran to her bed. I never told her about the nightmare and although I was comforted to sleep that night, the dream never left my mind. I kept thinking that I could have saved her if I didn’t move to the safe side, exposing her to the danger. It was all my fault that she died in the dream. I kept thinking that something bad is going to happen to her if I don’t do something.

This was the beginning of my OCD behavior. I started counting, double and triple checking stuff, coordinating etc and lived in this anxiety until I was 18 years old. What changed at 18? My psychology professor in college hypnotized us in class as part a lesson and taught us how we can use simple self-hypnosis techniques in daily life. I realized I could use some extra help and met with her at her office. She helped me speak to my inner child and let go of the anxiety and fear I was living with. I saw a difference in my behavior the very same day. And as I kept doing the exercises, I got completely free of OCD.

So that’s only one of the many therapeutic effects hypnosis has had in my life. And then there are so many of my clients who have seen great results.

Let me quickly tell you a couple stories;

Relieving depressive thoughts and anxiety

There was a client who was suffering from major depression. Unfortunately, shock therapy is still used as part of therapy in Sri Lanka. She has gone through these and was obviously still depressed and suffered from anxiety. We did three sessions and she told me that she felt a new sense of freedom and a sense of joy that she couldn’t even express.

Communication skills

There was another client who had trouble communicating. She wanted to try regression. We learned that she had lied to her husband and slept with many men in her past life. And the reason she had trouble expressing her feelings to anyone was resulted by the negative effect of lying, and causing pain to others in her past life. We did some healing work while she was in a hypnotic state. She too was relieved to find her self talking more and communicating better after just one session.

Changing attitude towards food

Here’s another story of a weight loss client. She was in her 50’s, over weight and artharitic. It was  a challenge to walk a few steps yet alone exercise. So we worked on changing her mind patterns towards food, encouraging to eat the right, healthy, nutritious foods, controlling portions, letting go of negative emotions associated with binge eating etc. Did she see results in one session? Nope. It took a while to see the weight drop. But she saw her behavior changing. Not eating junk and reaching out for healthy options instead.


It is truly amazing to see the results of mind training and hypnosis. Is it magic? Can it change your life in one session?

The answer is no, hypnosis is not magic. You have to be willing to change your patterns, you have to have a desire to achieve what you want to achieve. If you have the drive and the motivation, hypnosis is a fantastic tool.

I’m sure you use different software and apps in your business, maybe blogging is one tool. Do your software, apps and blogs bring you money? No, they don’t. They help you attract clients or manage the business so you can make that money. Just like that, hypnosis is a tool to change your negative self believes and to re-program your mind with good habits and to achieve success.


What are your thoughts on hypnosis and other similar mind tools? Do you have any questions or concerns about hypnosis? Ask me in the comments. I promise I will get back to you!


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