Living a purposeful life Vs finding purpose of life

Living a purposeful life Vs finding purpose of life

It’s that time of the year! Set all the goals… accomplish them all!!!! Because hey, New Year, New Me!!!

Bleugh!  I hate setting goals. They always end up being a burden and I can never stick to them. 

So instead, I like to think of my heart’s desires. What do I want to experience and manifest this year? 

With that clarity, I set intentions.

It’s as simple as saying, “I intend to spend more quality, loving time with my family and be fully present in those moments.” 

So while I was thinking of my desires and intentions for 2021, two things that came up for me were “purpose” and “fulfillment.”

Those 2 words took me way back to my early twenties…

I used to question myself all the time: 

What is the purpose of life? 

What is my purpose on earth? 

How do I find my purpose and fulfill it? 

These are age-old questions. 

How do we know there is a purpose for all of us?

In today’s Life So Blissful Audio Experience, I’m talking all about: 

How to create a purposeful life by asking 2 simple questions. We then take it a step forward to explore the question of finding the purpose OF life. 

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When I thought about those questions 10 years ago, I was actually living a less fun life; my days were spent mostly doing nothing and achieving nothing. 

So I realized that what actually led me to question my purpose was nonachievement… basically living a pretty useless, good for nothing lifestyle. 

So, if it was nonachievement that led me to question my purpose, I realized that I must look deeper into what achievement meant for me.

What does achievement mean for you? 

It can look like getting a promotion, starting a business, or scaling an existing business. Perhaps, it’s making more money, working less, and spending more quality time with family. 

Whatever it is, the first step to finding purpose is to get clarity around what happiness and accomplishment look like for you. 

Call to action: 

Define what a deeply fulfilling life looks and feels like for you. 

When looking into what fulfills you, you should look in 2 different areas of life: 


  • Your material desires: 

This could mean a promotion at work, making a million dollars, traveling the world, doing work that feels good, helping others, and earning an income that supports you and your family. Whatever it is, it should address what makes you (by you, I mean mostly your ego), feel happy? 


  • Your spiritual desires: 

Maybe you love to read books, be in nature, meditate, write, or perhaps be in a profession that helps you explore, learn, live, and experience your spirituality. In this area, you should think about the things that feed and nourish your soul? 

Btw, answering this question landed me the best job ever 😉 

I realized that when I defined my spiritual and material desires and took action to satisfy these 2 sides of life, I naturally felt more fulfilled than ever before. It felt like I had some purpose in life. 

Now, you will notice that I am stressing purpose IN life! You will see why in just a moment. 

For our complex minds and souls, this is not enough. For some reason, as humans, we seek a deeper meaning to life. When we do figure out that meaning and purpose, it truly feels absolutely fantastic. 

So, if you’ve ever asked yourself, “what is the purpose OF life?” rather than “what is my purpose IN life?” keep on reading. 

Growing up, being a Buddhist by birth, I saw the world as a place filled with suffering. Some happy moments followed by not so happy times. However, as I grew up, I realized that this suffering has arisen from the problems we have created ourselves.

The greatest misconception is that life is a means to achieve something. 

They say we must have a goal. Having chosen a goal, we have to work hard to achieve it. So, we live with this desired future in mind; always looking forward. Yet, we rarely spend time nurturing the moment in front of us. Instead, in these moments, we think: I have to do something, I have to get something done, I have to make it happen, I have to *fill in the blank*. This consequently leads to frustrations, stress, anxiety, and general unhappiness.

This got me thinking, what if I didn’t want to have any goals in life? Will that make me happy? Can I just live, and be? 

Ummm, I don’t think so. 

There is satisfaction in doing, making things happen, manifesting, and creating. 

However, the problem is that we put the cart before the bull. 

What do I mean by that? 

We put our career goals and the need to earn more money, get more of everything…ahead of living life…THAT is putting the cart before the bull. 

For the cart to move forwards, the bull must be at the front. 

That is why we should not be trapped by our ambition to make things happen – this should not be our primary function in life.

The primary function of life has to do with joy, soulful happiness, love, and compassion. 

Life is not a means to achieve things. 

Life is the end itself. 

There is nothing to aspire to, nothing to achieve, nothing to do. 

There is only being, which means living fully in the moment

When you are fully in the moment, you function at your best.  

Having to look forward to a better day will be unnecessary because you are living the journey. The destination you seek is simply a product of living and enjoying the journey.

So, my friend,  


If you are ready to find the purpose of life, ask yourself, does a river ask its purpose? A river is made to flow, and life is to live. 

There is nothing beyond it. Just live each moment fully. Work towards creating and manifesting your heart’s desires. Strive to be in the moment and enjoy the journey. 

You do not need to project joy, happiness, contentment into an imagined future.

If you look close enough, all those gifts are right in front of you, at this very moment.


So, my friend, go visit me on Instagram and let me know what a purposeful life looks like to you?