Perfectionist Tendencies - Overcoming Perfectionism With Hypnosis

Perfectionist Tendencies - Overcoming Perfectionism With Hypnosis

Perfectionist tendencies are common among entrepreneurs.  Running your own business is not an easy task. And when you are a perfectionist, that just makes it that much harder, right?

Perfectionism maybe a part of many clinical conditions, like depression, low self esteem, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive behaviors, and even something some of us feel kina good about – Type A behavior. But Instead of letting perfectionism get the best of you, sometimes getting caught up in over competitiveness you can take charge. Modify these perfectionist tendencies using hypnosis. And that’s exactly what we are doing today.


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Perfectionist Tendencies – Overcoming Perfectionism With Hypnosis


Watch  this guided hypnosis session to take charge! Modify your  perfectionist tendencies using hypnosis.

This guided session is beneficial for:

  • Anyone struggling with perfectionism
  • First borns,  as the oldest in the family feel like they “ must be first, best or superior”.
  • Second borns who are caught up in the Avis Complex – thinking “I am second, so I have to try harder”.
  • This session is created to help foster self-acceptance, and seeing and accepting your humanness regardless of mistakes.



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  • In what simple or strategic ways will you alter and modify your perfectionist tendencies?