Self love: How to access simple joy through your inner child

Self love: How to access simple joy through your inner child

Were you raised by mean chimpanzees or loving polar bears? Actually, it doesn’t matter. If you have to take special effort for self-care, or you have to try hard to praise and compliment your ownself, there’s a bit of a problem. Do you ever wonder why we humans find it so friggin hard to love ourselves?
Why do we have to depend on others to see the goodness in us? Well, it has to do with our childhood programming.


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Regardless of how happy or dysfunctional somebody’s childhood was, we all carry certain emotions and experiences with us throughout our lives.
Maybe your mother said “NO” one too many times. Imagine how the little one in you felt hearing it, seeing the expression on your mother’s face, the tone in her voice. It’s no fun!
This kind of thing can cause someone to take “no” as an answer easily instead of confidently getting what you deserve.
These childhood hurts, wounds and memories (even the ones you do not remember, and the ones that you may consider to be not that big a deal)  act as barriers, emotional conditionings that prevent us from living our highest potential.
NOTHING should prevent you from achieving your biggest dreams!
And NOTHING should prevent you from loving yourself !
So the question is, can we do something about these childhood stuff?
Oh, hell yes, we can!!


With hypnosis, we can reach our deep subconscious, connect with the child within, heal the old wounds, forgive the people who hurt us and love the little child within so deeply, that self-love becomes your one true nature.

In today’s video, I’m giving you a taste of exactly that!



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