The simple truth about “I am not enough”

The simple truth about “I am not enough”

Not good enough – has the thought “I am not enough” ever crossed your mind? I hear this a lot from my clients. And I think we all carry this negative thought in various degrees.

You might feel like you’re awesome in one area of life, and feel not so great at another. And in that instance, there may be underlying negative thoughts of unworthiness. Which then makes you want to strive harder and harder, wanting to be better, do more. Which ultimately drives you nuts.

Does any of this resonate with you? Kinda, sorta, maybe?

not good enough



Today in the #LFIESOBLISSFUL Show:

  • I talk about something super simple – the simple truth about “I am not enough”
  • And how you can be more than enough in a matter of a quick mindset shift




After you have watched the video, leave a comment belowWhat was your biggest take away from this video? Or if you’re up for it, what is your game plan to deal with the negatives I talk about in the video that cause you to feel “I am not enough” ?
I would love to hear your thoughts.






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And hey, any time you feel less awesome than you really are, cos you’re pretty awesome, remember… you hold so much power within your subconscious! You CAN come out of anything as a winner!


Cheering you on…
?With so much love,