How To Write Affirmations That Stick

How To Write Affirmations That Stick

Ah! It’s a brand spanking New Year! You’re all writing new goals, new resolutions, purpose filled intentions. You’re ready to conquer and experience. But are you including new affirmations as part of the plan to accomplish those new goals? If you’re writing new affirmations this year, or you were starting to lose faith in your affirmations.. cos, you know, they just don’t work sometimes, you have come to the right place. Today we are talking about how to write affirmations that stick.


how to write affirmations


First of all. You gotta know… those affirmations not manifesting is NOT your fault my friend. In fact, the fault is in the affirmation it self. You just need to write them in a way that your subconscious mind truly believes and absorbs like a dry, thirsty sponge absorbing water.
Remember, affirmations or self-suggestions is a great tool and is one of the simplest forms of subconscious programming. Done right, you can hack in to your brain and program your subconscious all by yourself. Pair those well written affirmations with self-hypnosis, you’ve got a golden formula to manifest anything you want! So let’s get to writing some amazing affirmations so that you can really make this year YOUR year!

In today’s episode you’ll learn – How to write affirmations that stick:


  • How to write your own success affirmations
  • How to get the subconscious mind to absorb positive affirmations like a dry sponge absorbing water
  • How you can make your affirmations work like magic, every single time



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From the three things we talked about, 1. Personal strength, 2. strength examples,3. Mixing the two for the perfect affirmation, which do you find the most difficult to come up with? And what’s your favorite affirmation to use ?

Let me know in the comments below. 

Never forget, affirmations done right can be a massive game changer. Put in a few minutes and write at least one affirmation to use this year. If you want my help with them, come join me in the Blissful Entrepreneurs group. I’m always there to answer your questions.
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