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3 Mind Tactics to stop negative self-talk

Hey there entrepreneur super star!

Yes, I am looking at YOU. What? You don’t think you are quite the super star entrepreneur yet?

You do work your butt off day in and day out on your business, don’t you?

You have invested all you got in to it, haven’t you?

You go to bed and wake up thinking about your next business move and what you gotta do to keep moving forward don’t you?

Isn’t this what all successful entrepreneurs do?

So doesn’t that make YOU a super star entrepreneur?

You see, negative self-talk, constant doubt and questioning is natural and inevitable. It’s human nature. And unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned by our early experiences to be this way.

So can we reverse the conditioning and stop the negative self-talk?

Yes, absolutely! Hypnosis is one the best self-development tools out there to remove unwanted thought patterns and negative conditioning. You can work on the root cause of why and where that Negative Nancy first showed up the first time and get rid of it.

But today, I wanna share with you a few tactics I personally use to kick the negativity out of my happy, productive zone.




3 mind tactics to deal with negative self-talk


  1. Put it behind you

Imagine that whatever the thought that’s been popping up is on a piece of paper. So all you have to do it grab it, crunch it up (cos it’s trash) and chuck behind you, over your shoulder. When you do this, you are signaling your mind that this thought is no longer wanted. And you are putting it behind you.


2.  Practice self-hypnosis to remove and re-frame

First, you have to know what the exact negative thought pattern you would like to discard. Is it past failures making you feel hesitant to take the kind of action that fuel massive growth? Is fear of what other people would think if you put yourself out there? What is the negative thought and how does it make you feel?

Second, how would you like to feel instead? Do you want to be confident when your decisions? Do you want to not care about old bad experiences? How would your life look and feel like without the negativity clouding everything?

Next,  go in to a self-hypnotic state. You can follow the self-hypnosis steps outlines in the guide here.

Now, imagine yourself going in to your laundry. Fill the sink with water. Now we are going to do something unusual. Imagine there is a hidden door to our mind, it’s a trap door filled with full of unwanted rubbish. While you fill the sink with water, open this trap door in your mind’s eye and pull out the unwanted, rubbish thought you want to get rid of and dump it to the water. As you dump your rubbish emotional barrier to the water, the water becomes blacker and blacker. Finally, imagine yourself pulling out the plug and letting the blackened water vanish down the sink.

Finally, imagine and visualize the positive scenario you created earlier. Try to really live the experience in your mind’s eye.

Don’t forget to awaken from the hypnotic state as learnt in the step by step guide to hypnosis.


3. Stop giving a shit

At the end of the day, no matter what we do, we really have no control over our thoughts. Both positive or negative, they pop in whenever they want to.

But we do have lots of control over how we react to them. If you are aware enough to catch the thought at its first glimpse, you are doing great. If you can catch the thought, know that It’s ok! It’s just a thought. And it always passes.

If the thought is presenting the idea that “you can’t”, “you are not good enough” or whatever the heck bulshit statement, instead of reacting to it by feeling badly, change your attitude to ” pft! Ok, whatever!”.

It’s like when you remember an old elementary school friend you haven’t spoken since then.

The thought doesn’t bother you does it? It’s because that person is no longer of importance to you.

Is this negative thought important to you? Then, stop giving a shit and move forward.


Tell me in the comments: which one of these 3 techniques do you find the easiest and most compelling to use? What are your other go-to mind tactics to deal with negative self-talk?








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