How self-hypnosis can help you achieve anything! Plus, step by step guide to self-hypnosis

How self-hypnosis can help you achieve anything! Plus, step by step guide to self-hypnosis

Whether you are a newbie to self hypnosis or a master of the art of self hypnosis, I’m sure this guide will help you amplify your affirmations and help you program your mind for success and achieve anything you want in life.

Talking of affirmations, here are some we hear a lot. Think positive. Be positive. Vibrate with positive energy and you will attract positivity. Wake up with determination and you will be successful. Affirm to yourself “I am great! I am a winner!”. How many times have you heard these statements? How many times have you heard  ideas suggesting that you can be whatever you want to be?

You know what I’m talking about right? I have a pretty good feeling you have been encouraged by someone somewhere to stand on the rooftop and announce to the world “I am a winner!”, “I am successful”. You might even have tried such a technique and actually felt better for a good hot minute. In my experience, unfortunately, those triumphant times are short lived. Too often they are shattered by that tiny yet powerful voice inside of us saying “Girl, who are you trying to kid? Just get down on to your feet and get back to reality. With everything that’s going on you are lucky to just get by” Are you with me on this? Have you ever felt this way?

I started doing affirmations when I was 13. Even at the time I knew affirmations were not quite the answer to my teenage melodrama.

The problem is, affirmations take way too long to manifest or we can hardly wrap our heads around some affirmations enough to truly believe them. I would usually end up repeating them like a parrot hoping it worked. Often times, it doesn’t. Can you relate?

The reality is that positive thinking by itself too often becomes wishful thinking. We want things, we think we can achieve them, and we hope for things to happen just by thinking. We tell ourselves we are worthy, we deserve all the love. But everything we do is on the conscious level and conscious action that is half believed and barely with any faith doesn’t create change. Whatever the problem is, speaking positively about the future and failing to believe in the goals we set for ourselves is useless.

So how do we make things happen? How do we program ourselves for success?  By taking a synergistic approach. We have to use a set of conditions which collectively help us achieve all the success and happiness we ever wanted. A key tool in this set of conditions is a tool that helps access your subconscious mind. Once you reach the subconscious, you may use other methods such as visualizations, affirmations, imagery and sensory perceptions to re-script the mind. However, the key ingredient to making any of them successful is Hypnosis. (See below to download step by step self hypnosis guide).


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Your life is being programmed from the moment you are born. Quite possibly even before that! The instant of birth starts a mental clock, recording patterns which constantly shape our lives. We are highly receptive to thoughts, words, experiences and various stimuli which enter our brain. We constantly study our parents, siblings and friends, letting their values and behaviors enter our lives and letting them serve as our role models while we are growing.

Moreover, our subconscious mind always acts as a super sophisticated computer. Billions of bits of information are being stored, reviewed and retrieved. We enter both positive and negative data. Unfortunately, it’s the negative that strongly affect us. As years pass by we combine all the data entered and assemble them in to personal strengths, weaknesses and life scripts. This subconscious programming ends up defining our lives, how we act, and make decisions. No matter how hard we try to change old subconscious patterns, it is impossible to do this at a conscious level. Fortunately, you can use hypnosis to access your subconscious and change things around!


Entering A Hypnotic State:

Hypnosis is a highly relaxed state where the subconscious mind is open to receive positive suggestions. During hypnosis, we guide our body to come to a highly relaxed state. So relaxed that you might feel like you are falling asleep. But instead, what is actually happening is that your mind is highly alert. Which may cause you to hear sounds louder than usual. You may feel like swallowing, or your eye lids might start fluttering. Your head might droop to a side as if you are falling asleep. These are all signs of entering a trance like hypnotic state. Once you get to this state, you are able to replace your negative script with a positive one. With hypnosis, you have the possibility to move beyond all the negative emotional baggage that’s been programmed. This means you can accomplish whatever your heart desires with the Power Of Your Mind!


How to Create a Self-Hypnotic State:

Self hypnosis can be mastered really fast. But there are no shortcuts. The only way to master self hypnosis is by practice.

You must carefully follow the instructions to the point. And the more you practice, the faster you will be able to enter self hypnosis with time. Self hypnosis must be practiced as much as possible. Once or twice a day would give your tremendous results. I am repeating “practice makes perfect”  because that is the one thing that important in mastering this tool.


Setting up your hypnosis practice:

Allocate a specific time of the day for self-hypnosis. I recommend the first thing upon waking up or right before going to sleep for optimum results. Make sure you are able to be alone and have no distractions during this time. It will just fine even when you change up your times. Self hypnosis practice can take ten minutes to 30 minutes. However, during the learning phase, it might take much longer to enter hypnosis. Just remember, under no circumstances should you skip a step.
Try not to skip practice sessions. Daily repetition is essential to mastery and creating a strong hypnotic state where you can access your subconscious mind.
Use a couch, or a recliner. If you use a bed, make sure your neck is upright to avoid falling asleep. If possible avoid the bed altogether during practice because the bed represent a normal sleep state where you just doze off. In hypnosis, we want stimulate the sleep state without actually sleeping.
Think of one challenge or negative habit you need to change. Picking only one thing to work on creates success faster. Do you want to increase self-confidence? Do you want to feel loved? Or maybe you want to attract more clients or abundance of money? Pick what you want to work on and write affirmations.

How to do Self hypnosis:

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I really hope this self hypnosis guide proves to be of tremendous value to you. And I hope you put this to use and see extraordinary results just as I do every single day.


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