Coping with anxiety as an entrepreneur and beating stress to the ground

Coping with anxiety as an entrepreneur and beating stress to the ground

Do you find yourself declining invites you kind of want to go to?

Do you worry about what you said over a text or an email when people don’t reply immediately?

Among many others, these are subtle but important cues from your subconscious that you may be experiencing anxiety and stress.

Entrepreneurs often face challenges that are uncommon in other professions. Always strategizing, planning, experimenting with ideas and concepts whether it’s marketing or products, playing with not just money but also self-esteem with the risks you take, and having to focus on bottom lines all the time leaves very little room to breathe and balance general well-being.

And the emotional setbacks caused by past experiences, the mental roadblocks of doubt, confidence, the never ending negative commentary from that little inner voice are just a few additional hurdles you have to jump through to make things happen and reach those massive business and personal goals.

It would seem like feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm is inevitable, you might as well expect them to show up at some point.

The good news is that you are not alone.  And we can take precautionary action to prevent burn out and learn a few magical techniques to cope with anxiety and stress.

If You Can Follow Simple Directions, You can get  Instant relief from anxiety in your sleep!

First, let’s understand what causes stress and anxiety.


coping with anxiety and beating stress


While several factors likely influence levels of stress, anxiety and thus, well-being, research points to several principal causes:


  • Cause: Over active mind
    As entrepreneurs, it’s not easy to stop thinking about work, the next move, and the profit margins. But all this activity in the mind causes us to go on over drive.

What to do:

Practice mindfulness throughout the day. Being more present in your activities helps eliminate unwanted negative thoughts that cause stress, overwhelm and anxiety.


  • Cause: Pessimism
    Psychologists don’t see pessimism as the glass being half empty. Instead, they use the concept to describe the way a person explains why certain events happen. Do you view bad events as permanent or uncontrollable? Or are they temporary and changeable? Taking an optimistic view and taking courageous actions to prevent predictable bad events makes a huge difference in life and business. Many studies show that optimistic people consistently outperform their  pessimist counterparts.

What to do:

Foster positivity. Reflect on your past successes, how you dealt with stressful situations. Keep a gratitude journal and remind yourself daily of the small things that makes your life amazing.


  • Cause: Lack of control
    A study measuring job demands and lack of control found that the one combination that was most detrimental to health and morale was high job demands in combination with low control. People with low control had shown higher rates of coronary disease and depression.  Small businesses are demanding. It takes up a lot of time, energy and focus. And there’s always something stressful right around the corner as you are solving one problem. There’s very little control over certain stressful situations.

What to do:

Discover and use your strengths to prevent what you can. Maybe you are good at using your voice and can talk to people with ease and comfort. Use that skill in you sales and customer care initiatives to prevent unhappy customer scenarios. Maybe you are a natural at self-development and love spending time working on your personal growth. Try not to ignore personal time to get more work done. Instead, play on your passion and set aside a time to learn, relax and grow.

Lastly, know that if there’s nothing you can do to prevent the bad event that’s causing stress and anxiety, let it be! The only permanent truth in life is impermanence. Know that it too shall pass. Breath deep and let go. Let the current of time take care of it.

Did you know that the queen of ‘running the world’ also experiences extreme stress and anxiety?

Beyoncé has spoken about needing some time off after a stressful period in her life. In her own words:


“It was beginning to get fuzzy. I couldn’t even tell which day or which city I was at. I would sit there at ceremonies and they would give me an award and I would just thinking about the next performance. “

And she goes on to say:

“My mother was very persistent and kept saying that I had to take care of my mental health”


And that, my friend, is exactly what we all need to do! Our number one priority should be health. Without it, we cannot do anything!


We have a choice, every day when we wake up, to stand still or move forward.


And sometimes, moving forward is to stand still.


Without that stillness there might not be any strength left to neither stand nor move.


It is that stillness, that cultivates mental courage. It is the mental strength that manifests in to physical body as power, resilience and confidence to move mountains.


The choice is yours. Is an impending deadline or a pile of work more important than your mental health and happiness?


Here’s a hint:










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