Creating Bliss Through Mindfulness + Free 7 Audio Meditation Guides

Creating Bliss Through Mindfulness + Free 7 Audio Meditation Guides



That evening, I was sitting in the middle of the ocean, on a tiny mortar boat, with 3 others. We were waiting. Waiting for the dolphins. For them to come to the surface, make a few flips and entertain us. To our dismay, it was also pouring rain. Dark clouds across the Indian Ocean, cold breeze sweeping across our faces did not make the waiting any easy. The loud mortar boat, nor the uncomfortable wooden seat was helping.

I did not drive 6 hours from the city of Colombo to sit on a wooden seat to experience almost agonizing pain in the butt, literally. So I decided. I decided to enjoy being in the middle of the ocean, to just sit still and be, whether or not the dolphins show.

Suddenly a sense of mystic sacredness touched the whole being. Overwhelmed by it, I marveled at the intensity of the joy of living, of breathing. I felt the kind of joy that knows no bound. The ecstatic joy was unbearably intensive. With it arose a new energy, an intoxication with heightened passion of life. As I sat there relishing the moment, a dolphin poked its cute head right near the boat where I was seated.

That was the first time I experienced Pure Joy. Completely exclusive of ego. The mind which usually wanders hither and thither was now in repose. It was however, momentary. Yet, a tiny part of all problems seemed to have vanished without a trace of residue. The journey to that moment was a long one.





I was not always in balance nor at peace. In fact, it was the exact opposite. Starting at a young age, feeling sad for god knows what reason, being depressed and feeling suicidal, I was a hot mess. But being at un-ease emotionally all the time got me on a spiritual journey early in my teenage years. I immersed myself in self-development books and got more and more in to meditation. After years and years of practice, things were starting to change. I was experiencing brief moments of joy that was hardly noticeable. Being in the middle of the ocean among the dolphins somehow triggered the true consciousness to make an appearance long enough to experience the joy of “non-thought”.

However, the journey from that moment to this day to tomorrow and days after are undefined. The story is still unrolling as I continue my mindfulness practice. I make daily efforts to remain in peace, to remain quiet. To (not) do, to (not) be. To be conscious. To be aware. Even after more than two years later, a calm sense of happiness have managed to prevail in my heart.

Life So Blissful was born from that place in my heart. Creation of my inner peace and joy was a happy dance between self-development tools like hypnosis and mindfulness. Removing negative thought patterns, re-conditioning the mind for a better life script and finally creating and holding the center, to finally being at peace, happy and free – this is what Life So Blissful is about.


So, what can we do daily to create and maintain peace within?

  1. Mindfulness Meditation
    All that is required to experience the ultimate state of bliss, is to be free of the thinking mind.  There are many ways to mindfulness. Becoming aware of the inner body, noticing your breath, body scanning, thought observing are just a few.

The best way to explain this is by doing this together. So why don’t you join me for the next 7 days to sit together in silence for just 5 minutes a day?

With these guided meditation you will:

             – Quiet the thinking mind

             – Be more present and joyful

             – Find your center

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2. The “Okay” Meditation

So what happens after you come out of meditation? As much as I love sitting down on the floor to connect with my soul, I also prefer to just be aware of my feelings, emotions, and thoughts as the day unfolds. As you join me for 7 days of meditation, try to stay present as much as you can throughout the day. And undeniably, you will see happy thoughts, angry thoughts, sad thoughts and all kinds of thoughts popping up. It’s these emotions and our reaction to them what creates the ripple effect. So what if we don’t react? What if we are just “okay” with whatever the hell we feel?

If I’m happy, “okay”. That’s great. If I’m sad, that’s “okay” too!

Everything in life is temporary. So is the sadness or overwhelm you are feeling.

Whatever your situation, circumstance in life, the moment you are “Okay” with it, is the moment you come to peace with it. It brings a sense of calm.

With a calm mind you can think clearly for solutions if it’s something that needs solving. If not, you can just stay calm and let time take its toll until the situation surpasses. Meditation does not need a special time or place. Go in to meditation from where you are right now.


3.Use tools to clear the energy

When I just don’t feel like meditating I use different things to simply calm the nerves and energize the surrounding. Candles and incense are two of my favorites. Sandalwood incense has always had a profound effect on me. Helping me be calm and quiet inside, eventually, almost automatically, making me enter a meditative state.


The last time I told my friend to be “Okay”, she kind of flipped. But then came to realize that it was exactly what she needed to do. What are your thoughts on being “Okay” ?







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  1. I love the idea of being okay, or even sitting with discomfort. For me, meditation really makes it easier to do accept any bad feelings because I feel a little more calm and centered. My big issue? Making meditation a priority! I never make time for it until it’s an emergency!

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