Diary entry #001 : My first ever hypnosis experience

Diary entry #001 : My first ever hypnosis experience

When I was 9 years old, I had the most horrifying nightmare a child could have.

how I overcame OCD with hypnosis

I saw that I was walking on the street with my mom. It was a very busy street with large vehicles and trucks moving fast.

So my mom moved me to the pedestrian side of the street to make sure I was safe while she was on the side where the trucks were moving. As we kept walking a huge bulldozer ran my mom over.

I woke up all sweaty and ran to her bed. I never told her about the nightmare and although I was comforted to sleep that night, the dream never left my mind.

I kept thinking that I could have saved her if I didn’t move to the safe side, exposing her to the danger. It was all my fault that she died in the dream. I kept thinking that something bad is going to happen to her if I don’t do “something”.

This was the beginning of my OCD behavior. I started counting, double and triple checking stuff, coordinating etc and lived in this anxiety until I was 18 years old.

What changed at 18? My psychology professor in college hypnotized us in class as part of a lesson and taught us how we can use simple self-hypnosis techniques in daily life. I realized I could use some extra help and met with her at her office. She helped me speak to my inner child and let go of the anxiety and fear I was living with. I saw a difference in my behavior the very same day. And as I kept doing the exercises, I got completely free of OCD.

That’s only one of the many therapeutic effects hypnosis has had in my life.

I teach these same techniques and so much more to my clients. If you are struggling with any mind barrier or challenge, reach out for help. There’s so much free resources out there!

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