Diary Entry #004: Blissful Mind: Do we have to be a high vibe, power packed ball of positive energy all the time?

Diary Entry #004: Blissful Mind: Do we have to be a high vibe, power packed ball of positive energy all the time?

Exhausted, beat up and groggy. Yep, those 3 words are right on point to describe how I feel today.

Since January 1st, I have been waking up at 4 am. I follow my blissful morning routine, grab a power pack pre-workout snack and head to the gym. I’m in pre-season training for the Chicago marathon and things have been going really well.




But today is a different story. I just couldn’t get myself to do it.
My first thought in response to “ahhh I can’t today” – “Oh my god, this is bad, if I don’t follow my routine the day isn’t gonna go well”.
I instantly put myself in a negative space just cos “I didn’t start my day right”.

Is there a right way to start your day?

I mean, nowadays, anywhere you turn on the interwebs, is an article about the importance of having a morning routine.

Oh and the next top favorite is being positive.

I used to lurk around such self-development blogs a lot and I actively tried to change my thoughts into positive ones. I did everything they suggested and then some.

But sometimes, you simply can’t change thoughts like that. Or do something that would auto-magically change how you feel.

I mean seriously, who on this earth can be positive all day, every day?

Can you?

If you said yes, that’s amazing! You must have  at least a tiny strand of super-human DNA in you! Ummmm… not to sound like a creeper but can we be friends, please?

But for most of us normal humans, we struggle to keep our vibes high like that. Sometimes we end up “trying to have a good day” and feeling like utter crap because we “can’t seem to get ourselves to feel positive and high vibe”.

I started to realize my own tendency to do this. Trying to feel positive when I’m feeling down in the dumps. And then feeling like hell when I fail miserably to be a ball of positivity.

Do you experience this too?

The idea of having to be positive has been given so much importance so much so that even if you aren’t having a bad day, if it’s just not that great, there’s an internal pressure to make it better. And then we get agitated cos we can’t seem get into a positive state of mind.

Do you let yourself get into a frenzy because you’re not able to have a good day, and keep the high vibes going?

I used to do this more than I like to admit. But finally I had a pretty cool self realization.

I realized that …

I  don’t have to be a high vibe crazy person.

It’s okay to feel shitty.

It’s okay to feel bad and have a bad day.

And it’s definitely okay to have just an okay day.

I don’t have to change my thoughts and turn into a unicorn every time I’m not feeling at my best.

I can be okay with what is.

I don’t have to judge my thoughts, feelings, circumstances. I can let them be.

See them for what they are. Accept them.

It’s funny… when I let that shitty feeling take up its space and not try to change it… it ALWAYS disappears.

Sometimes, it takes time but when I truly just let myself feel bad, without fighting it, even if it lingers on for a while, it doesn’t bother me.

And let me tell you, there’s no better feeling than not being bothered by a shit storm of negative feelings and thoughts.

It truly empowers you in business and in life. To keep going no matter what and with so much more powerful resilience.

Just imagine what you could accomplish as a business owner when you are not weighed down by life circumstances. When you have the power to quickly recover from tough situations and difficulties.

So let’s try to be okay more. Let’s try to tap into our subconscious power and use that to guide us as we navigate a path that at times feels completely hectic, scary, and uncertain. Okay?

Ok, cool! Bye!




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