Diary Entry#006: The Real Reason Behind Stress & Burnout

Diary Entry#006: The Real Reason Behind Stress & Burnout

Stress and burnout. Sounds like the new themes of my life this year. Has this ever happened to you? You ask for something from life and then all the things are completely opposite to that happens?  I set the intention of ease for this year. Yet, I keep experiencing stress, burn out and overwhelm. No matter how much inner work I do, how much consciousness I create by being present and deepening my meditation practice, the intense the feelings of stress settles in from time to time, throughout the day.

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The past few weeks, I’ve been feeling all sorts of unhappy feelings and emotions. While doing my everyday work, I was feeling dissatisfied like never before. Yet, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Why am I feeling so unhappy, to the point that it felt like depression was lurking in the background, ready to burst in my head anytime now.


Work that used to got me out of bed feeling excited felt like a massive burden. Running, the one activity I got me feeling accomplished felt like a chore I was starting to hate with a passion. Going to the gym to lift weight, an activity that made me feel powerful was now making me angry and frustrating. Believe it or not, I was hating my life existence while I was curling those iron bars.


What was going on… I couldn’t yet my put my finger on it.


Then one day, something clicked within.


I was feeling utterly unfulfilled in life.


It was a weird realization. How could I possibly feel so unfulfilled. I’m living in my dream city, in my dream neighborhood. With soul mate husband who’s honestly better that what I had dreamed in my dreamiest dream. I had great friends who actually care about me. Everything I could ask for, I had it. Looking from the outside, my life is perfect.


But somehow, deep inside, I had hit a new mile marker in life.


Let me shed some light on the mile marker I’m talking about.


You know… when we have purpose in life, it gives you direction, it motivates you and excites you and energizes you… right?


I found my purpose about 10 years ago, through a past life regression hypnosis session I did while learning and getting certified in past life regression.


Through that I was able to connect the dots between my life experiences through childhood to now and where I need to go. It helped me uncover why I was meditating at the age of 4, why I thought the thoughts I thought, why I wanted the things I wanted in life and more than anything else, I realized the importance of why I had to prioritize my deep desire for spirituality. And it gave me purpose. A mission. Which then consequently gave lots of meaning to life.


Here’s the thing though. Purpose… finding purpose, I believe is a critical factor to living a blissful, and fulfilled life.


We have to understand that purpose is not a thing carved in stone. In each stage of our lives, our purpose changes. What fulfills us deeply, changes.


I realize at this stage in my life, after over a decade of inner work, that purpose I uncovered is seeking new direction.


This I realize was why I felt unfulfilled. There was nothing to get me out of bed that energized me, nothing I did felt fulfilling to my deep inner being.


So my friend, if you feel like you’re going in circles, you feel stuck in life, you hate your work, your job, you dislike any part of your life, think about it.. How fulfilled are you doing what you’re doing? Does your work, your relationships with others and yourself feel good and fulfilling?


How about purpose? Do some inner work to figure out if you have a life purpose that makes you want to wake everyday with feeling of joy, or excitement or at the very least not despair or frustration.


I learned through hypnosis, that my purpose that is seeking a new direction is still highly spiritual. In the sense mindfulness, conscious awareness is still the biggest factor to a fulfilled life. A less busy mind is what I’m deeply desiring, unlike my younger self that loved working around the clock and enjoyed it too. Expression of loving kindness and compassion and sharing more about my path to to inner peace as I’m on it, now feels fulfilling. Practicing more presence, being more grounded in the body and making each step, home is my new purpose.

I can feel there’s still more to uncover on this, but this is what I have for now and it feels wonderfully empowering.


As for business my purpose, my mission for life so blissful hypnosis is to make hypnosis as widely and openly accepted as meditation to:

  • Ease and/or resolve emotional struggles
  • Live life more fully, with presence and joy


That’s why I have an invitation for you. If you feel stuck, in a cycle of stress, burnout and overwhelm, and you seek more ease, more joy, more presence, or  you want to uncover your purpose, you want to discover what truly fulfills you so you can create a life of peace, bliss and abundance, I invite you to explore hypnotherapy.


With hypnotherapy you can find the root cause of negative thought patterns, negative behavioral patterns. Why you hold yourself back with negative beliefs, how were they planted in the first place in your mind, and release those from your subconscious mind completely.

And reprogram it with a new more beneficial, positive script that will empower you, uplift you and take you to your vision.


If you want to talk do a past life regression to uncover your purpose like I did, you want to do a hypnotherapy session to release those emotional struggles that are barricading your path, feel free to send me a message. We can set up a time to talk.


You can find me on Instagram at life.blissful. DM me anytime.


And don’t forget, no matter where you’re in life, what your current circumstance is, you can overcome it. Your subconscious mind is much more powerful that you give yourself credit for.

Don’t let anything stop you from living your best life. Because you deserve the best in life.


Figuring out what truly fulfills you doesn’t have to be hard. Just give it some thought. What fulfills you deeply?


And share with me too. I would love to get to know you and support you in your journey of self-discovery.


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What fulfills you deeply?



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