3 must know holistic habits to increase physical and mental energy

3 must know holistic habits to increase physical and mental energy

This is a story of my epic failure of a week.


But first, let me tell you how it all started with two gigantic pizzas, a yummy-gooey lava cake and a bottle of sweet white zinfandel.

It was Sunday night. Being the crazy pizza queen I am, I never re-think or regret my pizza decisions.


But this one… it was different. And it quite possibly set me up for my worst week in the last decade.



You know that feeling when all you want to do is sit on the couch and stare at the big ol’ tv screen?


You are well rested but the body says otherwise, making you feel all grouchy and weird?


You know you should be putting your 100% to your work and hit that deadline, but you’d rather be lost on a purposeless instagram scroll ?


What’s worse… there’s this tagging feeling in your heart like something is very wrong.


You just want to sleep till the sun never shows, maybe let it all out through leaky eyes?


And yet, you still can’t put a finger on it, figure out what the heck is the problem?



Well, this was me last week. The pizza was only half the story. Leading up to that delicious Sunday night were weeks of busy schedules, no gym time and more yummy sneaky snacks throughout the day and skipping of meditation time.


Are you beginning to see how I brought my own downfall?


Our mind and body have a super thin line. If the mind can affect the body, so can the physiology affect the mind.


How we feed and treat our bodies have a HUGE impact on the brain, influences neuro chemical functions and how we feel psychologically.



The real question is – how can we have increased mental and physical energy throughout the day for long periods of time?


Is it even possible to have clean physically and mental energy, without the monsters, the 5 hour energy or the 7+ cups of coffee you have to have to just move the index finger and hit enter on the keypad?


Why, yes of course, you can!



Before we start, I want you to know these are simply habits. They are not a cure all treatment system for lack of energy and mood swings. They do however work great when infused in to a daily routine that fits YOUR lifestyle and needs.  This is also not about supplements or quick fixes.


holistic habits for increase physical and mental energy


3 simple ways to  increase physical and mental energy


1.  Feed the body right

Food is fuel. If you want clean energy you gotta eat clean.

  • Stay away from high fat food
    Fatty foods tend to slow down the digestive process, making you more prone to constipation and lack of energy. Instead, eat lean meats and pair your fatty food with high fiber food to help the digestive process.
  • Eat Fiber
    Pfft. You know this already. But make sure you eat insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is a little hard to digest and adds bulk to the stools whereas soluble fiber draws in water and helps prevent stools that are too watery. Some good sources of insoluble fiber includes, whole grains, nuts and seeds, legumes, vegetables and wheat bran.
  • Stay Hydrated
    Water helps dissolve fats and fiber and allows the substances to pass through easily. Try to drink at least a gallon of water a day to not just for clean energy but also to aid digestive system and manage weight.


2. Move your body and treat it well

Exercise is the best and least expensive form of therapy there ever existed! It’s the one stone that kills both the lazy-ass bird and the shitty mood bird.  Even a 15 min brisk walk can get those serotonin and dopamine levels in balance to get you in a good mood. Try your best to incorporate some form of movement in your daily routine to avoid bad moods and energy slumps.


3. Meditate yourself in to a good mood

Meditations and mindfulness are great ways to keep mood swings at bay. But hey, you know this. What about the “to heck with it” meditation. Are you familiar with that? Honestly, I think we all need to practice this more. Learn to say “to heck with it” once you have done all you can to change the bad circumstances. In spiritual communities they call it “surrender” or  “letting go”. It’s the same concept. Become aware of the thought that is causing inner havoc, investigate to see if you can take action, if not let go, let be and just be. A light heart is always a happy heart. And a happy heart never fails to energize the body.


So as we come to the end, think about how you can increase your energy levels and keep your emotions at a happy balance. These 3 habits are simple suggestions to get started. There are many that you can experiment with and program in to your mind easily and effortlessly.


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