How To Remove Emotional Blocks With Self Hypnosis

How To Remove Emotional Blocks With Self Hypnosis

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been discussing about achieving anything you want in life. So far we covered goal setting and using self hypnosis to program your mind for success. While these are imperative to successful mind programming and re-scripting, what if we have emotional barriers standing in the way? What if we have negative emotions that have been deeply implanted to our subconscious mind that even self hypnosis may seem less effective in bypassing these blocks? So today, let’s dedicate some time in our schedule for self-development and figuring out emotional barriers that stand in your way of success.



First, set up a time where you are undisturbed to think deeply and self-reflect.

What negative emotions, experiences or habits are your barriers to reaching your goals?

Is it anxiety, fear, an experience in childhood that still bother you, guilt, or shame? Do you worry too much or think too much about what other people would say ? Is it procrastination, lack of motivation? Whatever, it is write it all down.


Second, really think about how each barrier makes you feel and write down what you want to feel instead.

Does your anxiety make you worry and fearful? Maybe you want to feel calm and relaxed and a sense of excitement instead.

Does an old negative experience make you feel sad, guilty or vulnerable? Maybe you would like to replace these with peace, joy and confidence.

Does a past failure keep you from moving forward? You may re-script the event as a learning curve and want to move forward with passion and self confidence.


Once you have your list of emotional barriers and new script with you, imagine yourself in a new light. In your mind’s eye, create a vivid image of a very specific scenario where you experience this new script. For example: let’s say you are a business consultant but one of your barriers is trouble moving forward due to a past failure. Create a scenario in your mind where you have already moved past this. It’s like this failure never happened. You are working with your new client who you are  delivering high results for. Picture yourself in the job, enjoying the job and navigating your business with passion and confidence.


Lastly, to remove the block at the subconscious level, follow these steps:


  1. Enter a hypnotic state where you can access the subconscious through self hypnosis
  2. Instead of doing affirmations after self hypnosis, picture and imagine as below.
  3. Imagine yourself going in to your laundry. Fill the sink with water. Now we are going to do something unusual. Imagine there is a hidden door to our mind, it’s a trap door filled with full of unwanted rubbish. While you fill the sink with water, open this trap door in your head and pull out the unwanted rubbish that you want to get rid of and dump it to the water. As you dump your rubbish emotional barriers to the water, the water becomes blacker and blacker as you do. Finally, imagine yourself pulling out the plug and letting the blackened water vanish down the sink.
  4. Next, imagine and visualize the positive scenario you created earlier. Try to really live the experience in your mind’s eye.
  5. Awaken from the hypnotic state as learnt in the step by step guide to hypnosis


You may use this hypnosis technique to get rid of various unwanted emotions such as fears, doubts, anxieties, guilt etc. While you can “dump” all your unwanted emotions at once, I recommend dealing with the most unwanted first and one emotion at a time to see results faster.


If you would rather prefer a guided hypnosis session to get rid of emotional barriers and blocks that keep you from achieving your goals, we have free group hypnosis sessions dedicated for just this purpose each month over at our Facebook Community Life So Blissful. If you have never been guided in to hypnosis by a hypnotist before, you would be pleasantly surprised how relaxing and enjoyable the entire process is. It is so effective and helps you enter self hypnosis with so much each than you would alone. So don’t wait, join the group right away!


Share with me in the comments: What is your biggest emotional barrier? What would you do when you get rid of this block?


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