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One simple trick to easier brain programming

Have you ever woken up feeling all fidgety, tears dripping down the corner of your eyes? You know it was a bad dream but just not sure why you are having this reaction?

Well my friend, you just had a Venting Dream. And this is good news! Here’s why + how you can use this to your advantage….

As you may already know, the mind has different wave lengths. Each wave length has a different function. And your brain changes according to your activities. You have different wave lengths when you are creating something, when you are doing something out of habit, when you are calculating numbers and when you are sleeping.

We are mainly concerned with the alpha and theta wave lengths that occur right before sleep. As the researchers have found that these wave lengths  are present when you are at your most creative and most receptive to new ideas.

So by entering a hypnotic state right before sleep, you are able to manipulate your dream sequence and hack in to that powerhouse of your subconscious.


mindset mastery with dreams and self hypnosis


There are three basic stages in your sleep – dream process


  1. Represents the wishful thinking dreams which happens during the first 2 hours of sleep.
  2. Next is the precognitive dream phase. This is the most important as there is the possibility of a stepped up extra sensory perception (ESP) during this stage. Your conscious mind is at rest and your subconscious mind is taking control of your life plans. You may or may not wake up with wonderful new ideas. Most likely, you may forget all the dreams in the morning. But the answers are developed during this period and affects your waking hours. This is when your subconscious looks at the day’s activities and situations and “predicts” the next waking hours.
  3. The third stage is known as venting dreams. While the first two stages may be forgotten, dreams seen during this phase, which is just prior to waking will be remembered. These venting dreams allows for the removal of negative input and past conditioning which you no longer need. These dreams push out the failures when you are trying to replace them with positive suggestions.


This is why, when you do affirmations at night, or use self-hypnosis or guided hypnosis during the final hour before sleep, you see results much faster.

When you go to sleep, the suggestions and affirmations are reflected in the wishful thinking stage. Then you deal with the concepts and goals which you have written and affirmed, then mentally pass on all the positive suggestions on to your precognitive dreams, telling the subconscious this is my new reality.  Finally, the venting dreams remove the negatives and reset the mind for positive action.

So, if you are looking to program your mind for success, I cannot recommend enough doing visualizations, and affirmations at night. Doing it under a self-induced hypnotic trance is going to get you in that relaxed state and get those positive suggestions to be deeply instilled in your subconscious.

Personally, I have woken up crying because of sad dreams at least a few times after listening to my guided hypnosis sessions at night. Thankfully, I knew that it was a venting dream and didn’t react to them negatively creating a whole new ‘imagined problem’.  So if you are using self-hypnosis at night, and you have a bad dream, don’t try to analyze it. Let it go. You just vented out something you didn’t need anymore. You just created space for positivity and possibly replaced the old conditioning with something amazing you programmed your mind for! Congratulations!!

So, don’t wait, use the self-hypnosis guide and practice mind programming each night. Let your subconscious do the work as you sleep.

Wishing you all the goodness in the universe,







Ps: have any questions? Ask away in the comments below or join us over at the Life So Blissful community. 

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