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Visualizations Upgrade With Imagery And Sense Perceptions

When I think of visualizations to manifest, the first thing that comes to my mind is that scene from The Secret where the guy who wants a fancy schmancy car sits on his couch and imagines that he already has the car.  Remember how he sits there and  shifts the gears, steers the wheel and pretends to drive his dream car? I haven’t seen a better way to explain visualizations than this. It indeed was well executed and delivered the message of visualizing to manifest your dreams. But tell me, how many times have you done this in real life? Do you pretend to be driving your dream car? Do you pretend like you are already living in your dream home? I certainly don’t. Although I do visualizations, I never physically pretend to do anything. It just doesn’t come naturally to me. The one time I tried I felt like a complete moron.  But the reality is that for visualizations to work, we need to believe it in our core and feel our thoughts at a physical level. So how do we do it without feeling weird? Luckily, there’s a hypno-solution to this conundrum. So let’s dive in how you can upgrade your visualizations.




  1. Using sense perceptions

Use all 5 senses when you visualize what your trying to manifest. While you create in your mind, imagine it as if it is happening right now. Not as if you are watching yourself on a movie screen but you are inside the movie. So you don’t see yourself but you see what you would see around you. As you do this, take in to notice how things feel on your skin, the sounds you hear, smell the flowers in your dream home garden, taste the water from the filter at your brand new office, and as you do this notice how you feel. Do you feel excited? Joyful? Maybe you inhaled the flowers too much and you needed to sneeze? Take in to notice everything you feel with all 5 senses.


2. Metaphorical Imagery

In hypnosis we use metaphors all the time. This is because the subconscious understands them and absorbs them effortlessly. No matter the challenge we work on there is a metaphor for it. Let’s look at an example. Say you want to create abundance and wealth in your life. Instead of using an affirmation “I am wealthy, I am abundant”, we give the subconscious mind a metaphorical image. Imagining yourself as a tree. First, see yourself as a small plant. Little by little, the plant grows in to a big, strong tree. With large roots going deep in to the soil, absorbing nutrients and growing large day by day. As you grow in to a grand tree, notice how you can provide shade.  Notice how you can provide inspiration to those who walk past you and see how you have grown. How your influence has spread. Your system is extensive. Your branches are solid. Your trunk is solid and you continue moving upward growing expanding reaching higher and higher. Feeling yourself becoming more solid and more powerful, becoming abundant. As you do this you will know that the growth you’re experiencing in your mind  as a tree is the same type of growth you will experience in your life.

If you are working on anxiety, you can imagine in your minds eye, some sort of a dial. Since this is your imagination, you can control the dial the way you want. So as you turn the dial down notice that your level of anxiety level going down with it.

Can you think of a metaphor for what you would like to achieve in life? Use it during self hypnosis to amply the effects.


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