Affirmations for success - a technique to make affirmations work every single time

Affirmations for success - a technique to make affirmations work every single time

Positive thinking by itself, becomes wishful thinking. We want things, we think we can achieve them, and we hope for things to happen just by thinking. We tell ourselves we are worthy, we deserve all the love.

But everything we do is on the conscious level and conscious action that is half believed and barely with any faith doesn’t create change. Whatever the problem is, speaking positively about the future and failing to believe in the goals we set for ourselves is useless.

So how do we make things happen? How do we program ourselves for success?


affirmations for success


In this first episode of The Life So Blissful Show, we dive in to the secret of affirmation success. If you have trouble making affirmations work or have given up on them, this is for you!




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Ask yourself

What are some of  your biggest personal strengths? Think along the lines of personal characteristics and traits. Maybe you are a really good listener. Or maybe you are really helpful and caring.



 Write down specific examples of when you exhibited the said personal strength.

Try to think of an example that makes your heart sing just at the thought of it. Maybe you are a loving person. Think of a time you expressed love to someone.  Does that thought make you smile?



Write your own affirmations

a) Write your affirmations in the present tense.

Ex: I AM successful. I AM calm and in control.

b) Mix in your strengths to some of your affirmations.

If you your strength was love – Because I am a loving person, a kind hearted person the universe creates prosperity and wealth through me. If your strength was confidence – I attract abundance, I am a magnet to all things positive because I am confident.




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