Diary entry #007: How to find happiness when you’ve lost purpose

Diary entry #007: How to find happiness when you’ve lost purpose

Last week, we spoke about the real reason behind stress & overwhelm caused by being in situations you don’t particularly like. Like being stuck in a job you hate, not being able to reach business goals when you’re trying so hard and everything feels wrong and stressful. And we talked about how re-creating or re-defining what fulfills you, figuring out your purpose can inject joy, energy and vitality back in to your work and life. If you haven’t read that entry yet, check it out here. I’m sure it’ll leave you with some valuable food for thought and inspiration.

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So as I dove deeper in to self-discovery myself, really seeking a powerful definition for my life purpose for this stage, this phase, this season of my life.. A powerful message came coming back to me .


We’ve been raised to believe that if you don’t accomplish certain things in life, if you don’t live in a certain way, like get a job, get married, buy a house, raise kids, and give to charity, look good, wear good clothes, whatever it is that you have to be seen as a successful person, either you or even parents have failed in society.


And in order to be successful, be accomplished, regardless of what you accomplish, you must have a goal. And you can’t really have one goal, those goals better evolve and grow over the years. Just never stop setting goals, accomplishing goals. Once you’ve chosen a goal, you better work hard to achieve it.


So what do we do on autopilot? Set some goal, work hard at it and then end up living life with a desire future in mind. Rarely, ever being present in the moment we have right here right now. Always looking forward. Hardly ever nurturing the moment you have in hand.


Is it a surprise that we live with frustrations, stress and general happiness?


This had me thinking, what if I didn’t want to have any goals? Will that make me happy? Can I just live in the moment?


Putting professional goals, life goals and the need to earn money ahead of living life is like putting the cart before the bull. Isn’t it?


Where is that gonna take you?


Then why be trapped in to the ambition of earning as the primary function of life?


Life is not a means to achieve things.


Life is the end it self.


There is nothing to aspire, nothing to achieve, nothing to do.


There is only being.


Which means living fully in the moment.


When you are fully in the moment, you function at your best.


Which means, without having to work hard, hustle hard, or worry, success become effortless, inevitable.


Having to look forward to a better day seems unnecessary because you’re living the journey.


Every step, every breath is  blissful.


Destination you want to reach simply becomes a product of living and enjoying the journey that is happening right now.


So yes, have a purpose. Because it gives human ego a boost to function better. Wake up and work everyday. Take action. Because it is necessary function in this world. But don’t be overthinking it. Don’t be over attaching yourself to it.


Be in the moment.


Practice conscious awareness. Practice mindfulness.


Use holistic modalities like hypnotherapy to release any emotions, past hurts so those old negative scripts, beliefs and patterns don’t have to get in the way of being more fully present, fully alive.


But if the journey of finding purpose it self is becoming a headache, you keep thinking “why can’t I find my purpose”, or “my purpose never sticks”, or it gets in the way of being present, don’t worry about it.


This is all a mind construct. We are not slaves to our mind. You’re the master of your mind.


Ask yourself does a river ask its purpose?


A river is to flow.


And life is live.


There is nothing beyond it.


Just live each moment in full.


Work towards goals and strive to be in the moment. Enjoy the journey.


You don’t need to project joy, happiness, contentment in to an imagined future as a goal to be achieved.


It all happens here. Now.


If you look close all those gifts are there in this very moment.


Those gifts may be wrapped and covered by old negative stories, beliefs conditionings that were programmed into your subconscious. Get rid of them. Let those gifts come in to your life.



💕 Talk again soon,