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How to relieve stress with hypnosis + guided stress relief session

Being an entrepreneur is not a cake walk. It’s a journey of joy and struggle. Relaxation, joy and happiness is replaced by stress, overwhelm and burnout. Stress relief hardly ever makes it the top our to-do list.  This does not have to be so for us small business owners. Running a business, building your dream and following your passion has got to be joyful and bring you bliss.


Peace of mind and bliss are not exactly words entrepreneurs have the privilege of uttering daily are they? Unfortunately, stress is usually neglected and never considered serious.  Often, we hear cynical voices suggesting things like,  “Stress is not a big deal. Get over it!”. We keep going until it makes us weak and ill. Too much stress can drag us down, affecting how we run our businesses and live our lives.  It can be affecting our lives in a number of ways, affecting confidence, self-esteem and  sleep.  If untreated, stress can cause serious health problems and no one should suffer in silence!


Want a guided session to wipe out stress? No worries, here’s your access key to  deep cleanse & re charge  your drained out human batteries, right Away!! Get the audio session below.



Learning to manage stress before it gets to the point of panic or heart attack, is not that hard. You can easily learn stress relief techniques that can be done by yourself at home. While there are many such holistic modalities, we are going to discuss, one particular alternative healing technique today, hypnosis.


Hypnosis is quite simply the best technique there is for stress relief. It is literally the antidote. Using hypnosis, it is easy to attain deeper states of relaxation, releasing stress completely, opening the door to a new way of living.  The best part is, hypnosis has no side effects whatsoever, it is completely safe.


Here is a simple yet highly effective, step by step guide to wipe out stress with self-hypnosis:

  1. Start by noticing how much stress you are experiencing on a scale of 1-10, zero being no stress and ten, the most stress.
  2. Lie down and try to relax. Let yourself feel calm.
  3. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale slowly and rhythmically. After you exhale, focus your attention on your forehead. Let your mind drift down from your forehead to your feet in the same rhythm of exhaling. When your attention arrives at your feet, you will have totally exhaled.
  4. Do it again. Take a deep breath, exhaling as your mind drifts from your forehead to your feet.
    Repeat this three times.
  5. After the third time you exhale, and your attention has drifted to your feet, feel a deep relaxation at the bottom of your feet.
  6. Now move that relaxation from the bottom of your feet to your ankles, calves, thighs, hips, your abdomen, chest, arms, all the muscles in your back, the top and the bottom of your neck, all the muscles on your face and the head.
  7. Next move downwards from all the way from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, relaxing every single muscle group.
  8. Once you relax all the muscles in your body and you feel completely at ease and relaxed count slowly from 20 backwards to 0.
  9. When you reach zero, say silently to yourself “Deep Sleep”
  10. Now begin to visualize or imagine yourself breathing in a bright golden  light. You are inhaling golden light, which is positive energy from the universe. Visualize exhaling black air. You are breathing out all the negative energy, all the stress that was within you. Inhale gold light of positive energy and exhale black air of negative energy. Keep doing this until you notice the blackness of the exhale is decreasing. It will turn less black, dark grey to light grey and eventually colorless.
  11. Now notice that you are both inhaling and exhaling golden light. Taking in positive energy and breathing out positive energy. In total harmony with positive energy, feeling calm and relaxed.  See in your mind’s eye, your whole body is glowing with golden light, with positive energy, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. At every cellular level you are a beam of positive energy.
  12. When you have completed this, count upward from 0 to 20. When you reach 20, you will use the words “WIDE
  13. AWAKE”, saying these words to yourself silently.
  14. Open your eyes and think back to the stress number you came up with earlier. How do you feel now? What is your new number?

You can use this simple and effective self-hypnosis process for stress relief every day. Alternatively, you can use a guided hypnosis audio session to get in to a much deeper relaxed state with no effort at all.


If you are looking for that alternative, click the link below for a guided hypnosis session. Release stress and renew your energy with this exclusive free guided hypnosis session! Getting back to work with razor sharp focus & clarity of mind will be your second nature!



So what’s holding you back? Don’t let stress ruin your game. Prevention is a whole lot better than consequences. If you are suffering from stress, there’s no need to suffer any longer. Take a 5 minute break to breath in some golden light and say “Bye, Bye Stress! Hello Bliss”

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