Breaking free of the hard hustle & shifting to ease & flow

Breaking free of the hard hustle & shifting to ease & flow

Ambition and hard work. These two usually go hand in hand. I’m yet to find anyone who has accomplished something major and didn’t work hard. And of course, they all praise and credit hard work for their success. Generation after generation, this idea, this belief has been passed on. If you want to do anything in life, work hard. Today, we are hard wired. We programmed to believe that if you don’t work hard, chances are, you will end up a failure. So we exert ourselves, driving ourselves to unhappiness, stress, overexertion. Can we break free from this vicious mindset barrier that of work hard or die trying? If we do break free from it, can we still be successful and live a fulfilling life?

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Why yes!


I believe that we can be successful, happy, and live the most fulfilling life, when we don’t operate from a place of stressed, overwhelm and being overworked.


In fact, I believe that the more relaxed your mind and body is the better you can focus, create and manifest the best of the best life has to offer.


The past few months, I’ve been taking small action steps to bring in more ease, more calm to my everyday life. You can find out all about that in my podcast episodes.


I talked about:


  1. Finding Ease: Resetting my life & Taking Better Care Of Myself 
  2. The Real Reason Behind Stress & Burnout 
  3. How to find happiness when you’ve lost purpose 


If you haven’t had a chance to tune in to these podcast episodes yet, and you are craving for more ease and really want to break out of stress and feelings of exhaustion from overwork, I highly recommend them.


Since dedicating more time for myself, everyday, I’ve been starting feel completely different from my old self. The one that used to work in to late nights, and still woke up early regardless of having slept for only 4 hours.


Honestly, there was a time in my life when this hard hustle was super enjoyable. I felt accomplished through it. And I did accomplish a lot in my professional life by working hard.


A lot of the times,  it didn’t even feel like hard work.


This is a key point in creating ease and flow.


First define, what is hard work for you? What does that look and feel like?


At what point does it turn it to a nightmare?


Knowing your own internal boundaries is the best thing you can do for yourself.


I remember when I was a kid, I played badminton. And we had the extremely strenuous training routines.  I would wake up at 5 in the morning, show up for physical training, then have a morning training session in the courts, got to school, and show up again in the courts for an evening training, come home finish homework and strategize tournament movements. Some days I trained till midnight and I was physically tired.


But guess what. None of it felt like work. I loved every second of it, so passionately!


Have you ever been in a situation where you were doing something, taking action, and you were so engulfed in it? So much so that you didn’t feel the time pass by? And maybe you even worked in to late in the night and just dragged yourself to sleep cos you knew you had to. But you were so excited to wake up in the morning and get back to what you were doing? And you were super excited to see the end result of what you were working towards?


Would we ever call that “hard work”, and complain about how little we slept through this kind of work?


No, right?


I think this is where we need to bring our own inner guidance and understand that breaking free from the hard hustle does NOT mean, we stop working, or we stop putting great effort in to things that matter.


Instead, we figure out what is truly, deeply, madly important to us.


Take action to create and manifest that.


And always, always, always .. yes, that’s 3 always..


Maintain inner calm, have mental space and be in connection with your inner being.


This is exactly what I’ve been doing the past few months.


And the results? Tremendous!


I feel more at ease and peace than I did the whole of last year.


When I sit down to do any work, I’m so focused that procrastinating, browsing the internet for inspiration is not even a problem.


And best of all I noticed that I’m getting things done faster. It used to take me 3-4 hours to write a blog post and create an email campaign.


Now, with my uber focused ness I’m writing a post takes about 45 mins, creating a campaign? Not even 20 mins! Within 2 hours, I’ve finishing  writing a post, an email campaign, social media captions and even recording and editing a podcast.


Imagine how much time it has freed up for me?


More time to do nothing! Meditate, relax and watch movies.


Yes, this is my dream blissful life.


So my friend, think about it…

What do you really, deeply, truly, madly want to accomplish?


What is a first action step you can take? Yes, no need to go all crazy with strategy and drive yourself to mental exhaustion before you even start. Just think about one thing that can take you one step closer to what you want in life.


Then think about how you are going to create inner calm. Is it mediation? Walks in nature? Listening to music?


Put it on your calendar. Incorporate these in your daily routine. Make them non negotiable.


Now take action. Easy action. Effortless action. Feel good action.


It will take you on a whole new journey of self discovery.


So stay present with the process. Get inner guidance and external guidance as well from someone who has been on a similar journey and is trained to provide guidance professionally, like a therapist or a coach.


Because when you embark on self discovery, it unravel things within you that you never thought existed.


My journey is leading me to amazing places. I will share more in the upcoming audios. What has really helped me through this process of finding ease and effort in a busy life in New York City, is hypnotherapy. I release stress, overwhelm using hypnosis and reprogram my mind every night to change my thought patterns to be more positive, to stop the negative self talk, to show up with excitement and positivity. I use mindfulness to empty my mind of chatter, to create space within. To say that these modalities have been life changing, is an understatement.


If you want to explore hypnotherapy, sign up for the life so blissful mind training library. It’s 100% free. The link can be found at the bottom of the blog post.


And hey, share with me…


What does your blissful life like?


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