Walking Meditation: practicing mindfulness with each step

Walking Meditation: practicing mindfulness with each step

Walking. Such a simple act of movement. Yet, the more I walked the streets of New York, the more I hated walking. When I leave my apartment, I would be hurrying to get to some place. When I’m leaving some place, I’m hurrying to get home. Always, in a hurry, always trying to get somewhere. Always, wanting what is not now.

Being an entrepreneur is not much different than walking the streets of Manhattan. We are always working towards something, and the not so desired side effects of ambition and entreprepreneurship can really get in the way of peace of mind, clouding our judgement and the way we make important decisions.

So how do we slow down? How do we tackle the stresses, the frustrations and the impatience?



walking meditation


When I heard the zen quote, “Each step is home” it resonated so well with me. This is when I decided to practice walking meditation and use it  to be more conscious and aware throughout the day. All of a sudden, the dirty streets started to look better. New York City Avenues felt closer (avenues are longer compared to walking from one street to another),  and it became enjoyable to carry the heavy bags home everyday.

And we can apply this same technique to create a bit of a breather from the overactive mind no matter where you are.


So, what is walking meditation?


Walking meditation is simply being aware of your movements when you walk. Instead of being busy in your mind, notice each step as you habitually make them. Walk for just walking. No longer in a hurry or with a destination in mind, or with a gazillion unconscious thoughts, simply make each step with awareness, make each step your home. Because, each moment is indeed our home. Be present with each step. If you have to stop, talk and do something, simply give full attention to it be present in what you are doing.

Walking meditation will make you feel lighter. Each step will feel nourishing and healing. So let’s imprint our gratitude and love with each step we make and let that lift the veil of stress and overwhelm.

If you are thinking, but I don’t walk, I always drive, and I work from home, that’s ok. You can still do walking meditation at home. When you are taking a break, walk around in your living room, or in your backyard for 5 mins. Just walking back and forth, being fully in the moment is all that it takes to enjoy the benefits of mindful walking.

Tell me in the comments: How do you manage stress? Share with us your simple tips and tricks!



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